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When the hardware and software of your computer to crash the operating result of virus attacks that endanger the survival of the computer. There have been many causes of sudden virus in a computer due to either the Internet or a data entry from the outside, ie USB flash or other goods. Usually to accelerate the delivery of data than the CD Drive.Therefore a lot of mixing the incoming data to the device in conjunction with a dangerous virus and easily spread. Some computers eventually try to resist the USB connection into the device to avoid virus infections to important data. but if your computer is already using USB as well, it is better to use Panda USB Vaccine secured.Yes, as the name implies, this application acts like a vaccine that always provides protection in all parts of the device require protection from virus attacks outside.Panda USB Vaccine promising real security for your computer and are guaranteed 100% of the viruses from USB will not dare to penetrate the defenses of this application so that it becomes safe protected without any serious infectious disorders. You can freely and not have to worry about entering data via the USB Drive for Panda USB Vaccine always give warning in case any data that had been exposed to the virus, so you deal with early on.



Camera functions embedded on a smart phone based on Android is not just taking pictures. For those who love to explore with the camera, the resulting image can be a source of creativity with the help of photo editing apps available. Of the hundreds or even thousands of applications in the application store, there is one application of map-vision that you should try, because the special features rarely found in similar applications. As the name implies, Clone Camera can 'clone' objects such as humans, animals, or buildings in the photos you take. Of course, these results a new look after you edit the photo with the features found on the Clone Camera. Display the camera application is fairly simple, so you will not be confused when going to change the menu in it. There are also video tutorials for those new to try. To perform the cloning, you need to run the application and choose Clone Camera start cloning by targeting specific objects in the same place. After that, you do editing carefully impressed that results in the original photograph. If not satisfied, you can select the Undo, Clear, or Eraser is at the top. If you've been astute to duplicate an object, you can split edits the photo to friends with the Share button to a variety of social media are like Instagram, Path, Facebook, or Twitter.A

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What it Teespring?
shirts online business teespring
Teespring is a company that provides manufacturing services (platform) at the same t-shirt design and print, sell and deliver the order to the hands of consumers. Teespring company was founded in 2012 by Williams and Evan Walker Stities-Clayton. Convection via online business venture is inspired when they want to sell t-shirts to a bar in 2011 in the spring (spring). Instead of providing T-shirts in all sizes, they prefer to offer pre-order via the website to internet users in the United States, so they are not wasted print shirt.

Eventually more than 400 people ordered to be made the t-shirt. From there the business concept coined by William and Evan began growing rapidly to obtain funds from investors, such as Bill Cesare and Mark Weiner.

The concept of mutually beneficial business between designers and Teespring has scored shirts and sell products of more than 12 million items worldwide. The company claims that in 2014 and then, one of 75 people in the United States to buy clothes T-Shirt in Teespring.

Therefore, many people join exploit the potential of this business. Quite often people are just a fad create designs that carelessly turned out favored by Internet users so that they earn a commission of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah from the design idea makes. Interested to follow?

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AnyDesk 2.1.1


Any desk is a device or software that acts as a remote desktop or a desktop that can control even when you're on the road. Applications like this comes with the beta software application or issued by anydesk.
 This application also offers more security in the form of TLS 1.2 encryption that has been previously verified. Thus, it will make the use feel comfortable and easy to share data with friends or colleagues anywhere.

There are so many advantages that you will get when receipts's remote desktop. As is known along the existing remote desktop ancient times tend to be slow and tedious. But now these applications have been designed in such a way that makes you feel comfortable when using this app.
Another advantage that you will get when using anydesk output applications are easy to divide the various kinds of data with friends or even colleagues, such as image data, documents, files, etc. This application can also be used in a wide variety of devices, and can be used anywhere. Of course, an application like this would be very useful to you, and it will certainly be easier for you.


Deskripsi Penelusuran

Who was formerly Azureus Vuze is a BitTorrent application rich in features with a focus on multimedia activities. Multimedia activities is meant here is like searching for a video, download video and play high-quality video files from the internet. But keep in mind here, though Vuze focus on multimedia applications, it does not mean the application Vuze unable to download a file lainnya.Aplikasi Vuze can continue to download other files because this application can continue to download torrent files available.
Vuze application is free to use when sending files via the BitTorrent protocol. The Vuze application offers several features in it. First, multiple torrent downloads. Second, the existence or priority queuing system (enacted on torrents and files). Thirdly, there is also a start or stop seeding options. Fourth, Vuze application can provide quick access to information facilities on torrents. Event share original DVD video content and also HD quality we can do well on this Vuze application.
As mentioned above that the application Vuze allows users to share video content. In this case, we can see content through channels or categories that contain audio video, video games, movies and TV shows. But to run Vuze application is necessary to know that the need to first install Java.

File Explorer (APK)

File Explorer (APK)


File Explorer adalah aplikasi android yang berfungsi untuk mengatur atau mengatur berbagai file yang ada di android. Aplikasi gratisan ini disebut sebagai Windows Explorer pada PC Anda. Dengan demikian, Anda bisa membersihkan berbagai data yang ada di android, selain itu aplikasi ini juga bisa digunakan untuk memampatkan berbagai macam ukuran data yang besar. Fitur lain di aplikasi seperti menghapus file, root, dll yang tidak diinginkan Anda dapat menggunakan Enkripsi untuk memasukkan kata sandi yang cenderung sensitif, sehingga aplikasi Anda tidak dicuri. Dengan mendownload aplikasi ini maka secara otomatis Anda akan bisa mengonversi file-file di google drive. Di dalam aplikasi ini Anda bisa melihat berbagai foto di galeri, aplikasi ini juga bisa menggunakan berbagai format. Jika Anda memiliki video yang ingin Anda mainkan, tidak perlu repot Anda bisa menggunakan aplikasi ini. File Explorer juga dilengkapi dengan cloud yang pastinya akan memudahkan untuk melakukan berbagai editing data. Jika Anda senang berbagi file pada teman atau saudara cukup gunakan aplikasi Bluetooth karena itu file yang diinginkan bisa ditransfer dengan mudah. Aplikasi keluaran NextApp, Inc. Bisa jadi milik Anda untuk mendownload dan menginstal file di situs kami.


Image result for lightshot icon


On all Windows PCs are usually equipped with a screen print or screen capture. Then pasted into a Word document or Excel to be able to see their catch earlier. Then if you want to send pictures of the catch are still requires a few more steps and quite cumbersome. A new breakthrough from Lightshot in order to allow you to share the results print screen, or screen capture is usually done on the phone.
The application whose name is still the same as the developer is Lightshot for Windows is a freeware application that can be used to store the print screen or screenshot of your desktop or monitor. As the application category Desktop Enhancement, Lightshot for Windows has a feature also to share the catch on the monitor directly to friends.
To operate the application Lightshot so simple that it is easier to use. Lightshot for Windows is the latest version can be obtained and downloaded the file size is quite small, which is certainly light enough for PC. So with the features of Lightshot for Windows, no need to bother anymore if you want to send a screenshot monitors such as how to manual on the PC. Features of the app makes it possible to share images instantly catches from the PC. Download this app and install it on the PC immediately to get its ease of each.




The good news for you because Avery Lee, a software developer launched a new product that VirtualDub. VirtualDub is a video capture software. These software utilities are under the GNU GPL (General Public License). VirtualDub is designed as the software that is intended be a public utility. The feature allows you to edit video, ranging from cutting to clean up videos which can then be exported into a tape or processed further in other software programs.
Although its editing was not as perfect as other similar devices such as Adobe Premiere, the software can provide an efficient performance with speeds linear operations for video. The software is included in the category of Video & Audio that you can use also for batch-processing when managing a large number of files, which can then be combined with the video filter of a third party or other programs.
With a file size that is not so great, of course this is so friendly software for your PC. Types of files that can be handled VirtualDub is an AVI file that can be processed optimally with all the features it has. On the other hand, megelola VirtualDub can not MPEG-1 file types but can still be read. In addition VirtualDub can also handle well to set the image in BMP file format.The good news for you because Avery Lee, a software developer launched a new product that VirtualDub. VirtualDub is a video capture software. These software utilities are under the GNU GPL (General Public License). VirtualDub is designed as the software that is intended be a public utility. The feature allows you to edit video, ranging from cutting to clean up videos which can then be exported into a tape or processed further in other software programs.

Although its editing was not as perfect as other similar devices such as Adobe Premiere, the software can provide an efficient performance with speeds linear operations for video. The software is included in the category of Video & Audio that you can use also for batch-processing when managing a large number of files, which can then be combined with the video filter of a third party or other programs. With a file size that is not so great, of course this is so friendly software for your PC. Types of files that can be handled VirtualDub is an AVI file that can be processed optimally with all the features it has. On the other hand, megelola VirtualDub can not MPEG-1 file types but can still be read. In addition VirtualDub can also handle well to set the image in BMP file format.




One application that is appropriate for your needs and fit for your PC. CoolPlayer is an application with features as audio or video player. This app is so easy to be downloaded and installed on the Windows system on the PC, because this application is designed to be very simple with the size of the file is so light that is 496 Kb just as well as fast installation and performance.
As a player application of category Video & Audio, CoolPlayer can support for playing audio and video in the form of MP3, WAV, M3U, and OGG. You can also enjoy streaming as one advantage of the features of this freeware application.
It seems coolplayer as less skilled developers in designing the look of the interface or the interface of this application. However, the shortage is closed perfectly with UI presented with so intuitive and features that you can expect as standard features of an application player. Not to forget, you can enjoy the feature to create a playlist to be recorded and played back later. All you can get the latest version of CoolPlayer.
So, for you and the fans of audio and video can be satisfied with CoolPlayer. Because its not inferior to any other similar applications, such as Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player and many more. Want streaming from YouTube and other sites also CoolPlayer can operate smoothly.

Rainmeter 3.1.0

Rainmeter 3.1.0


Having a desktop display with a garnish as desired course, the dream of all PC owners. But many see the user's desktop instead made with predefined styles, even if it is too long to use it will be faster to make the users become bored. That's why many of them start looking for a theme PC from search engines and download them. But using a theme like this sometimes makes PC you have to be slow, although his appearance may seem attractive. Then how to shape an appropriate solution to overcome this?
Answering the above questions, this time the writer wants to provide a solution in the form of applications that can eliminate the tedium you terhadapa display desktop PC and without making it slow. The way it is done using Rainmeter. This one application can display the form of skins that you can customize with ease, even to RAM, RSS, batteries, and also from weather conditions that are contained in the desktop display. This type of application also has many skins which functions almost like note to do list, which can help run applications easily, as well as customize the look of the media player, and so forth.
All the things you want to customize the look of the desktop PC can be solved easily through this Rainmeter application, because it is available in various kinds of display interface, where it can be regulated and modified as your heart desires as users. These applications also include the type of free applications that make it easier for PC users to further hone creativity zoom.

Repair My Word

Repair My Word


Often when we're working on a case of typing using Microsoft Office Word, there is any disturbance, but the workmanship has been carefully and according to the procedure. This would be detrimental, especially when the document is lost, hidden, or not open at all. If we do not know how to restore it, certainly with some difficulty will be the return to the path of retyping. Here we share helpful information about the application can help you cope with the above problem. Introducing, the present application Repair My Word. What is offered through this application?
Repair My Word is a Windows system, which works by repairing the damage of text and Word documents can not be opened until the missing. After the recovery process is, then the document can be saved back as the document Ms. Word others normally.
It should be noted, that this Word damage can be repaired except for the type of output Microsoft Office Word 2007 as well as storage in the form of docx. Repair My Word can only be used on the type Ms. Word previously. Immediately download this application for free, to enjoy the convenience provided. GetData output applications can be obtained easily and small. The result is large enough in restoring damaged documents.

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Net framework or that are written in .Net Framework (pronounced dot net, nothing to do with the domain .net) is an important software is very useful for a coder or programmer running Windows. This software allows you to run applications developed using .NET as a procurement framework. Framework or framework provides a library or library for storing a variety of computer programming languages ​​and make these programming languages ​​can work with each other better. Net framework developed by Microsoft to provide convenience for programmers who create new applications for the Windows platform. In an application, for example, the most common functions are functions save, copy, and paste. To make one of these functions takes more than 100 lines of coding size of 100 kb. Coding with hundreds of lines that can be simplified by using the .Net framework in a way programmers enough to make certain commands. With the downsizing is certainly new applications can be more quickly and also is not too large. Net framework can be downloaded for free with a rather large size is 66 MB. There are many versions of the .Net framework and not all of them are needed in running an application. First read his requirements so that the application can be run by using a particular .Net framework.

ESET smart security

eset smart security


ESET smart security can be the best friend for your technology devices, especially for those who have a penchant for surfing in cyberspace, using anti-virus then you will feel more calm, safe and comfortable while enjoying the various facilities offered by the internet. ESET Smart Security provides anti-malware solutions with Anti-Theft, Anti virus and botnet protection. Offers more security features are easy to use and attractive, so you do not perlua concerned with a variety of viruses that will attack your computer, because it has been in the guard thoroughly and very well by ESET smart security. Various features provided by ESET smart security, among others, Smart Scan, Social Media Scanner, and gaming mode will answer all your needs for protection against computer or laptop device. One of the advantages of ESET smart security anti-virus that will make this one to be excellent because Internet users are not required to run large computer resources. so it is fitting that the ESET smart security is the best solution for the security devices of computer technology today. If you currently still often feel worried about the laptop or computer when surfing in cyberspace, then by installing anti-virus ESET smart security all the worries will disappear, because the proven ability to maintain technological devices and your Internet security layers


FILE SIZE:564.55 kb

Drawpad Graphic Editor is a drawing application designed to simplify your special who loves to draw. This application has a simple display making it very easy to use. All tools and functions placed at a location that is very easy to reach by the view of the user. In the main window you can see the range of tools and functions that are lined up and the effects that you can use layer and layer of your image. By using drawpad Graphic Editor, you can create a new image with the changes in the dimensions and resolution to your liking. Or if you want you can just do the editing on the images coming from your computer and then modify it. Drawpad Graphic Editor can be used to import many types of images, almost all image formats can be used for applications such as PNG, JPG, SVG, BMP, GIF or even PDF are some formats that are widely used in the world of multimedia. For the artist the tools, applications drawpad Graphic Editor offers some simple painting tools such as pens, pencils, brushes, and also some form of final pentagon as squares, triangles, circles, and also the most important is the text and eraser. The most advanced feature of this application is the use of layers in the graphic editor applications drawped this. The use of layers will help you to simplify the image that you create.



Every person in this world would have documentation of a moment in his life. Neither the documentation childhood, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Even more so for young people today, who often have a collection of photos in large quantities. But not infrequently also those people feel dissatisfied with the pictures he took. They choose a path to edit photos and get better results again. An application is here to answer and resolve the issue. Application named PhotoFiltre. PhotoFiltre is an application that can help us to improve the image in order to obtain satisfactory results and better again. Surely edits suit each person. PhotoFiltre application is designed with ease of use manner. There are several photo editing features and also a wide variety of standard image effect. Here is not only images that can be edited but we can also edit images as well to get better results with the sharpness of colors and effects. Talking about the advantages, there are many advantages that we will get from this PhotoFiltre application. First, we can try a wide variety of standard graphics tools, such as contrast, brightness, saturation, dyed, artistic watercolor effect, gamma correction, Pointillism, indian ink and puzzle effects. Second, the vectorial selection vector used for the process on the object to be edited. This process can be done easily. Third, the Brushes tool that provides a wide range of editing features standars brush. Lastly, there erase a useful tool to erase part of a photo or image.




The number of files that are stored on our laptops sometimes make us forget to save the file in any folder on our computer. Moreover, if the files are on the computer unpunished, untidy and messy. It added makes us confused to find files that are needed. Faced with these problems, present an application that allows you to organize files on a computer desktop or all of us. The app called Fences. Fences is an application program that allows you to organize and beautify the appearance of the desktop. The facilities were obtained from the application of these fences is the grouping of files. The point here is that we can organize the files on the desktop we are among the files that are important and not important file. We can also find out where the files are grouped by emmberi Fences name. Files that are not important can we hide and is not visible on our desktop. In doing groupings, we ourselves are going to do with the way the files are shifting toward Fences. Severe computer problems by application need not be feared when using this because the application fences fences lightweight and does not burden the computer. Desktop we will be neat and pretty, we also avoid computer slow and nge-lag. Easy to get to the facility fences is to immediately install it on the computer. After install fences, we can set the fences by means of right clicking on the desktop and then click Configure fences and immediately set.

macrium reflect


Macrium Reflect is a comprehensive recovery solution that is useful for protecting and securing our documents. Both documents of a personal nature such as photos, audio and other important documents such as assignments and study or work files can be protected using Macrium Reflect this.
There are many features presented in Macrium reflect this. First, Macrium Reflect uses leading data compression techniques. This can create an accurate picture. Second, image and return here using intuitive display. Windows Explorer can also be integrated with Macrium Reflect this. Third, yan space management can make us be able to use existing space on an external drive optimally. Fourth, the first step that we can do for data backup is to select the partition we want to backup and select the backup location and edit the file name will be the backup. Talking about additional configuration, we can directly click the advanced button and choose the backup file size and file compression level that per share. Software Macrium Reflect inibeekrja it automatically. When we wanted to do a backup file, Macrium Reflect will perform the backup process. The backup process adapted to the previously saved configuration. The backup process will be carried out behind the scenes, so if we want to display the backup process is done by right clicking on the logo ckup Macrium Reflect and select the "show".

Avant Browser 2016 Build 02

Avant Browser 2016 Build 02

Avant Browser is an app designed with the goal of expanding the features in Internet Explorer. Based on the application name and understanding, can be illustrated clearly that this application is closely related to browsing activity. Associated with browsing activities, Avant Browser application provides many benefits to its users. You as a user can feel an efficient browsing activity with the help of a user friendly interface. You can also add a lot of features and functionality to Internet Explorer. The things mentioned above will certainly mengguntungkan for the users as it will facilitate the process of browsing performed, coupled with the sophistication that is continuously improved. Sophistication-sophistication found in Avant Browser applications will continue to multilevel and enhanced in order to increase Prominent higher again. This increase is done with frequent updates are ongoing. There are many features available in Avant Browser, among them: First, there are of course the profile of online storage. Both are features AutoFills. Third, the mouse gestures feature. Fourth, the application of flash animation filter. Fifth, the availability features built-in AD / Pop-up. Sixth, the built-in RSS / ATO Reader. Seventh, related to the presence of additional mouse mouse functions. Eighth, present also features multi-windows browsing. Ninth, the full screen mode and the full desktop mode alternative. Tenth, there is a built-in search engine. Eleventh, there is full compatibility with internet explorer. Twelfth, there are also aplikasis sa privacy controls. Lastly, do not forget to provide features skins.




Often when you're surfing in cyberspace, people are often plagued by the presence hackr or too dangerous website that caused the virus on your device. Thus it often while browsing feels to be no flexibility for their interference. Not to mention if you want to open a site but apparently failed because the site was blocked, but you need the information on the site, for example. If this happens surely disturb your browsing activities. Plus often hackers can infiltrate your account and be aware of your personal information. But now you can avoid any interference with the hotspot shield. Hotspot Shield is the answer to your anxiety to be able to access the internet safely and comfortably. With fileyang small size will not make your gadget to be slow because of the weight. It can facilitate browsing activity you do. By using this shield hotspot then you can easily open any site you want, including sites that have been blocked. Then your IP address will also be maintained and will not leak into the hands of the irresponsible. Your device becomes more healthy because protected from malware when using hotspot shield. You can also use a secure WiFi access, as well as websites that you visit will not be seen by others.


Browser is the most important media that is used for surfing in cyberspace. Names such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, until Bing become a mainstay when searching for information or entertainment on the Internet. However, if you're looking for a simple browser with light weights, SeaMonkey can be an alternative choice. Although the name is less familiar, but Firefox has features that are not less capable with their competitors.
SeaMonkey formerly named Mozilla Firefox and managed by Mozilla Application Suite. Then, browserini developed by SeaMonkey Council after the escape from Mozilla. In addition to its size relatively mild, SeaMonkey is also a software that can be downloaded for free. The browser is also designed for a wide variety of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, up IRIX and Solaris. SeaMonkey same features full with other browsers. You can open more than one page with the Tab and delete pictures unworthy of the internet with the Image Manager. Additionally, you can send instant messages (chat) with IRC and send data via electronic mail (e-mail). You could even do a translation of the foreign site (Japanese, Chinese, and others) to English easier. Firefox also provides other facilities such as Download, Theme, Cookie, and so forth. This browser is suitable for corporate users and advanced levels, as well as web developers